Mary Winter

MATH 106: Applications of Algebra

MATH 106

Dr. Winter mixes and matches diverse technologies to address her learning goals, including weekly in-person tutoring and help, PowerPoint lectures with video and printable handouts, LON-CAPA homework problems, and interactive Excel spreadsheet problems. A goal was to show math-phobic students that there exists mathematics which is interesting, relevant, and that they could learn to do. Virtually all topics are related to the real world.

Each week has variety, coherence, and depth of student experience. In its current form, the course has been offered and refined over many semesters, serving at least 175 or more students per semester since 2003. Evidence of effectiveness of this approach includes noticeably higher course grades and passing percentages. The Math department hopes to keep the course in the hybrid format. Weekly contact with students at this level is essential.

Best Blended Course

“It gives the students the feeling that they control things…”

– Mary Winter –