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Charles Owen

CSE335: Object-Oriented Software Design
Honorable Mention - Online
“Custom web learning and green screen video”
- Charles Owen -

CSE 335 is a four credit, extremely work intensive course involving both individual and team activities, and is an important transition in the Computer Science curriculum. The goal of the course was to create a structure where students continuously learn then immediately apply what they’ve learned.

Custom Course Website

The instructor of this course is an experienced programmer who teaches web development, and has created custom online course software that allows for more a more customized experience than found in standard course management systems. The course home page serves as a portal where students can access all aspects of the course. It lists course staff, and lets students know if and when they are available online via Skype. There is also a link to Piazza, where students can ask and answer questions about their assignments. Facebook is also incorporated, providing students another avenue for connection.

Course Videos

Videos content is presented in short, targeted segments, and recorded in front of a green screen. This allows for the instructor to interact with the content as he records, providing more context for student viewers. The video player is minimal, so as to avoid introducing distractions to students as they watch. In addition to the videos, expandable help questions and answers are provided, allowing students to check their conceptual understanding as they proceed through the videos.

Evidence of Effectiveness

SIRS for the course were very positive, with a mean rating of 3.88 and 3.79 (out of 4.00) for both sections. 85 of the 96 students enrolled gave the course the highest possible rating. One student called the course “fun, meaningful, packed full of useful information that I will use for the rest of my programming career,” while another said “I was skeptical about having the class online at first but in the end I really loved it being that way.” In regard to the custom environment, one student said “The video lectures and online system is really amazing. Probably the best time I’ve had learning in years.”

Technologies included in this course: