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2020 AT&T Faculty

Faculty and Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology

Responding to the growing use of online technologies for instruction at Michigan State University, Information Technology holds an annual awards program, generously funded by AT&T, to both recognize and encourage best practices in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
"CEP 833 provides a highly-applicable entry point for educators to explore the intersection of computer science and creativity while expanding their perspectives on social awareness and responsibility at the intersection."
“This course is important to current practicing educators as a way for them to learn educational techniques in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) in an online setting with in-person application teaching.”
“Our objective is to educate journalists to use data to see whether their interviews include a representative cross-section of the communities they cover.”
"This course provides a foundation of educational technology and how teachers should and could view technology as it relates to education."
"The MS-SCM program opens so many career opportunities for the students, and it is great to know I played a role in helping a student achieve an education/career goal."
"LB 171 uses technology components to engage students in high-quality studying techniques that have been shown to lead to increased learning."