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2018 AT&T Faculty

Faculty and Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology

Responding to the growing use of online technologies for instruction at Michigan State University, Information Technology holds an annual awards program, generously funded by AT&T, to both recognize and encourage best practices in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Liz Owens-Boltz

Best Fully Online - CEP 812

"Learning ... is most powerful when it becomes public and communal."


Peter White

Best Blended - LB 145

"This approach is considered to “shrink the divide” between instructor and student."


Deric McNish

Best Enhanced - THR 401

"Enable [students] to confidently and truthfully perform any accent or dialect."


Roz Jaffer

Honorable Mention - MGT 814

"A deeper level of learning was discovered through 'meaning making and sense making'."


Carmen DeLorenzo

Honorable Mention - ITL 101

"Higher student involvement was noted."


Bei Zhang

Honorable Mention - BLD 498

"A successful facilitator has to fulfill multiple roles."