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2019 AT&T Faculty

Faculty and Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology

Responding to the growing use of online technologies for instruction at Michigan State University, Information Technology holds an annual awards program, generously funded by AT&T, to both recognize and encourage best practices in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.
“Online education opens doors for students who would not otherwise be able to enroll in courses due to work, family, or other responsibilities.”
“As industry struggles to find good quality talent with adequate technology skills, our primary focus as educators is the need to be responsive to these rapidly changing market needs.”
“Being able to create and interpret cost models is an important skill for procurement professionals that provides considerable power and tactical advantage during sourcing negotiations.”
“CAS 829 teaches students about research, and is beneficial to them regardless of whether they plan to conduct their own research or simply want the skills to be able to assess research findings that are reported to them.”
“This course is award-worthy because it uses technology to offer a research-supported teaching approach in the type of classroom that is often thought of as unfeasible.”
“It is human nature to solve problems, and by addressing problems in new and innovative ways people create economic, social and cultural value.”