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2017 AT&T Faculty

Faculty and Staff Award Competition in Instructional Technology

Responding to the growing use of online technologies for instruction at Michigan State University, Information Technology holds an annual awards program, generously funded by AT&T, to both recognize and encourage best practices in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Cathleen McGreal

Best Fully Online - PSY 320

“A sense of community in a large enrollment course.”


Kathleen Hoag

Best Blended - BLD 434

“Accessible flipped large-enrollment classroom highlights time on task and classroom discussion.”


Brad Willcuts

Best Enhanced - DAN 352

“Connecting students to a network of experts to help teach complex techniques.”


Dustin DeFelice

Honorable Mention - FLT 881

“Learning digital literacies by engaging in and critiquing digital experiences.”


Tina Blaschke-Thompson

Honorable Mention - SW 491

“Using immersive course design to deepen empathy for combat veterans.”


Paul Irving

Honorable Mention - PHY 183

“Flipped, group-based, project-based learning.”


Christine Greenhow

Honorable Mention - CEP 956

“Inclusion and participation via robotics.”