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Michael W. Everett - CSUS 423


“This course is important to current practicing educators as a way for them to learn educational techniques in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education (AFNRE) in an online setting with in-person application teaching."

- Michael W. Everett -

This course was originally designed to support current high school agriculture, food and natural resources educators and their professional development needs. The course has evolved to not only support agriculture, food and natural resources educators, but now it has been embedded as a core required course for the Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Education Master of Arts degree program at Michigan State University (Currently CSUS861). Additionally, the course been of interest to graduate students at the University, high school educators in other curricular disciplines and MSU Extension personnel.

The course provides students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the concept of experiential learning (Kolb & Kolb, 2017) in the context of agriculture, food and natural resources. The official course description is listed as follows: Foundations of experiential learning in theory and practice. Experiential learning within the context of families, schools, organizations and communities as a function of an educational system. Application of experiential learning within formal and nonformal educational settings. The basic format of the course is based on the first summer session with 7-weeks of content. The course includes 6 weeks of online learning modules and 2 in-person class sessions located around Michigan based on the composition and background of students in the course. Note that most students are current practicing high school educators, Extension personnel or other interested students.

Technology Used

  • D2L
  • Camtasia
  • YouTube

Team Members

  • Michael W. Everett