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John Spink - SCM 303


"A thorough and working knowledge of an introduction to supply chain management is critical for all of our students who are on their way to future leadership roles -- and the COVID year has further emphasized the need for expertise.”

- John Spink -

SCM 303 is a required undergraduate business course for all business college students. SCM 303 is the first required course for SCM majors and is the introduction before SCM 371 Procurement and Supply Management (Purchasing), SCM 371 Manufacturing Planning and Control (Operations), and SCM 373 Logistics and Transportation Management (Logistics).

For over 15 years, SCM 303 has been a traditional in-person lecture-based course. While there have been some variations of the assignments and structure, the previous six semesters had 4-6 assessments in exams and a project or case study.

For Fall 2019, the course was completely redesigned. This document explains the goals, objectives, activities, and successful results.

Beyond the introduction to the topic, there are different needs for the different types of students. For SCM 303, 40% will continue in SCM and 60% to other business disciplines. For SCM 304, there are non-business students from across MSU, including packaging, food science, advertising engineering, and others.

Technology Used

  • D2L
  • Zoom
  • Camtasia
  • MSU Media Space/Kaltura
  • McGraw-Hill/ Connect

Team Members

John Spink, PhD with acknowledgements of the support of Broad College Learning Technology & Development (Director Jeremy Van Hoff, Sarah Wellman, and Assoc Dean Cheri Speier-Pero), my SCM faculty colleagues who helped me develop the key learning objectives (Judy Whipple, Steve Melnyk, Simone Peinkofer, Claudia Rosales, Jason Miller, Yemisi Bolumole, Justin Jagger, Tobias Schoenherr, Mei Li, Mike Thibideau), and the two years of graduate assistant team (Sukrit Pal, Dustin Cole, Ming Li, Park, Seongwon Park, Ryan Schollmeier, Ashok Balakrishnan, Jaeson Jason Shin, Micah Ward), and Support (Julie Alchin, Erin Johnson, Casie Grimes, Josh Beebe). Especially for my Department Chair Dr. Vedat Verter and Dean Sanjay Gupta.