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Rabindra Ratan - MI 291/MI 401

ATT Awards

"My students feel less distracted and more engaged in virtual reality."

I first started teaching in Virtual Reality (VR) in my Spring 2022, Understanding Virtual Reality Experiences‚ (MI291, sect. 001), and am continuing to teach in VR in my Fall 2022, Avatar Psychology course(MI 401, section 730). I would like to speak about my practice in both of these classes, please. The Spring class was in-person, so students would bring their VR headsets to the classroom and we would spend about 45 minutes per 80-minute class period using them. The Fall class is fully remote, so we meet in Zoom and use the VR headsets for about the same amount of time on average. Students borrowed headsets (Quest 2s, $300 each at time of purchase), which I purchased using research funding, as needed for the semester from a repository at the Communication Arts & Sciences building.

Technology Used

  • Engage VR

Team Members

  • Mia Burghardt